About us

We are the Gnu herd and when you choose your gifts from Giftgnu.com you help support us in a crazy, fun lifestyle that we want to share with our people!
In the herd, you can hunt for adventure at travelgnu.com or if you crave south Africa there’s travelgnu.co.za


Here at Gift Gnu we test the stuff you want, so that you don’t have to! Back in the day when Dinosaurs ruled the earth we had a friend who took the time to test everything and so we always let him do the work! In short, he saved us from all the crap tech that was around at the time. None of us bought a laser disc or a Betamax video machine! 100 years later we’re here to guide you by making the mistakes, in the same way. If you have a review to add then we want to publish it. Remember, when it comes to safety; your safer in the “Herd”. Everything we sell, we back up with our “love it or send it back” guarantee! Next time to you buy a USB phone cable and it lets you down and won’t charge your phone, it’s not the cost of the cable or the fact you can’t search the web for YouTube videos; The loss is that phone call from a customer, lover or “who wants to be a millionaire? So saving a few coins is not about the coins. Our cables are fantastic quality and you know, not expensive. I manage from time to time to trap a cable in my car door, the answer is a draw string bag that keeps you covered! If you’re visiting here in Dubai you can still be a part of the herd in the UK, Europe, South Africa and Turkey. Enjoy!

For the giggles and a darker side of life come and be part of Gnulaw where we have put a useful collection of ideas and tools that should provoke you to give up the 9 to 5 and become a GNU!

Everything we offer or share with you is backed by us and we will never lead you in to the swamp, we promise!

– Mark and the Herd

Mark Radford